Daily Fast Boat Transfer from Sanur to Lembongan island - Sanur to Nusa Penida - Bali to Gili islands - Bali to Lombok

Bali Barcos is a fast boat organizer transfer to Lembongan island based in Bali, offer to our passengers with their needs about safety, comfort, speeds, luxuries at a reasonable price, professionalism, guest satisfaction all for their convenient trip to Nusa Lembongan island, Nusa Penida island, Gili islands and Lombok.

The best fast boat ticket agency we offer the ticket to all destination with best price and discount, olso we have package tour and activity

Why book the ticket with us?

  • Online Booking System : To save your time, we are supported by online booking system with instant confirmation and e-ticket
  • Secure Payment Gateway : We use Paypal and Credit Card as our payment getaway to protect and secure your online transaction.
  • Reputable Boat Operators : More then 10 reputable fast boat operators have collaborated with us since 2016 till now.
bali barco fastboat organizer

Gili - Lombok Fastboats

blue water express
ekajaya fastboat
ganggari fastboat
kurnia jaya fastboat
marina srikandi fastboat
gili gili fastboat

Lembongan Fastboats

semaya one fastboat
maruti express
d'camel fastboat

Nusa Penida Fastboats

caspla bali express
gugun express
mushroom fastboat